Induction motor rotor slot shape

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Rotor Slot Distance Effects on Output Parameters in Single Phase ...

Three-phase Induction Motor Problem Page 5 Rotor Data Use the Rotor1 and Rotor2 windows to define the rotor. Define the Slot Data Use the Rotor1 window to define the rotor measurements and the characteristics of the rotor slots. Wound Rotor - TECO-Westinghouse motor life is ensured with the use of external resistor banks or liquid rheostats that dissipate heat build-up generated during motor start-up. What makes the wound rotor motor a unique induction machine is its rotor. Instead of a series of rotor bars, a set of insulated rotor coils is used to accept external impedances. An optimum design of rotor slot shape of induction motor for ... A rotor slot shape of induction motor for electric vehicle is optimized by FEM with the numerical techniques. To optimize the rotor slot shape, two objective function and 3 variables are defined, and the optimization algorithm is developed. ROTOR SLOT PERMEANCE HARMONICS UNDER DISTORTED AIR-GAP FLUX ... angle is intentionally injected into a cage induction motor to examine the effects of distorted flux waveform on rotor slot permeance harmonics. For the same air gap fundamental flux, the waveform which has the higher air gap peak flux also produce higher rotor slot permeance harmonics. The

28 Traditional induction motor design steps (continued) 25. Calculate motor performance data from equivalent circuit and compare with results fromrotor slot area Large Istart Small Xlr,s 1.Increase Xlr,s 2.Modify rotor slot shape, use deep slot or double squirrel cage 3. Increase stator turns or coil...

A set of insulated electrical windings, which are placed inside the slots of the laminated ... In an induction motor the... US8258665B2 - Motor winding - Google Patents An alternating current motor may be an induction motor, a synchronous motor with either a wound rotor or permanent magnet rotor, or a brushless DC motor.

Pole/slot interactions in induction machines create exciting forces at multiples of the rotor slot passing frequency.

In addition rotor slots will be skewed by one slot pitch to minimize the tendency of Cogging and noisy operation while running.Cogging and Crawling is not predominant in Slip Ring Induction Motor as these Motors are started with higher starting torque with external resistance in Rotor circuit. Rotor of Single Phase Induction Motor Electrical… The rotor is cylindrical in shape and has slots all over its periphery. The slots are not made parallel to each other but are bit skewed as the skewing prevents magnetic locking of stator and rotor teeth and makes the working of induction motor more smooth and quieter. The squirrel cage rotor consists of...

In this paper, single phase induction motor which has different rotor slot distances are analyzed with 2-D Finite Element Method (FEM). The analyses are carried out using ANSYS/Maxwell program which solves equations with FEM. The model has same stator and rotor slot geometry.

Induction Motors Notes - Stator of an induction motor consists of stator core and stator slots. Stator slots: in general two types of stator slots are employed in induction motors viz, open clots and semiclosed slots. Operating performance of the induction motors depends upon the shape of the slots and hence it is important to select suitable slot for the stator slots. Induction motor rotor bars - Crown Publications